1. What is the iVisible Project?

The iVisible Project is an initiative of the Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Organisation which encourages everyday people to rethink single stories that abound about Africa and to contribute towards expanding her narratives.

  1. Who is eligible to submit?

Any individual anywhere in the world, as long as you are photographing and writing within the context of Africa. In other words, you must have held a stereotype about the continent you have unlearned or relearned.

  1. What if I have held no stereotypes about Africa?

We also welcome everyday stories that work towards expanding what narratives are available about the continent especially from Africans. As we like to say, it is the person who witnesses an event that is best equipped to tell the story.

  1. How long is the submission period?

We accept submissions on a rolling basis. Always refer to the Submissions Page on the website if in doubt.

  1. How are the submissions judged?

We will look at the submission that best tie into the vision and goal of the project overall and less about the artistic merits of the submissions. This is, of course, in line with the mission to have anyone and everyone involved in this project regardless of having an artistic practice or not.

  1. What comprises an entry?

To enter for any cycle of the submission period, you will need a high-resolution image not larger than 10MB in size in .png or .jpeg formats and a 500-word story in a .pdf format that accompanies the image.  You will also need to submit some other identifiers and a short bio. More details are in the submissions page.

  1. Do I need to login to submit?

No, you don’t. However, with the details you provide, we will create a contributor profile on the website and this automatically adds you to our community platform where you can share your artistic journey and engage in intellectual discuss with other like minds.

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