Since 2009, the Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Organisation has sought to broaden the narratives about the African continent particularly through its flagship project, The Invisible Borders Trans-African Road Trip Project. During each Road Trip Project, artists comprising writers, photographers, filmmakers, performance artists and researchers travel by road across countries in Africa documenting and curating their experiences and interactions which span a wide range of subjects, with particular focus on history and culture.  

The iVisible Project takes its life from the Road Trip Project, but will be a user-generated curated platform. We understand it is the person who directly experiences an event who is best suited for its narration; that stories can only be told best by its witnesses. iVisible is news, reflection, and narrative originating from everyday people; the artsy, the non-artsy, anyone and everyone anywhere in the world who by virtue of their location on the continent, as a member of or by association with a society within it, is a witness to the realities unique to the continent.

We are looking for shared experiences that challenged one’s preconceived ideas and stereotypes of the African reality. We are also looking for everyday experiences that expand the existing narratives of the continent.


The iVisible project seeks to:

  • Continue the patching of numerous gaps and misconceptions posed by frontiers within the 54 countries of Africa. We would like to continue to broaden the narratives about the continent through lived and shared experiences of individuals anywhere in the world within the African context.
  • Build a strong, rich community of mindful individuals interested in telling African stories and debunking mass media, singular narratives about the continent.
  • Teach our audience that the task of expanding Africa’s narratives isn’t the sole responsibility of the art community; that diversity is a vital tool in this quest.
  • Build a repository of stories which provide an accurate insight into the lived experiences from people around the continent.


We would like stories from anyone living in any part of the continent, Africans in Diaspora as well as non-Africans living in or outside the continent writing and photographing within an African context and framed by the everyday realities of the African continent.

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